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Cases We Handle

Because injuries happen, and many times, you are not the one to blame.

We handle a variety of personal injury cases. Don’t see your situation covered below?

Contact us to see if we can help.

Cycling accidents are often caused by careless drivers of cars or trucks. Sometimes poor road conditions. But injured cyclists are often blamed.

Motorcycle & Bicycle

Trucking companies and their drivers must comply with federal laws to ensure that they operate safely, including weight restrictions, number of hours driven, medical evaluations, drug testing, and more.


When the rules are broken innocent people pay the price.

Truck & Tractor-Trailer

Tens of thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents each year. Don’t try to handle your case on your own.


Numerous factors need to be closely analyzed in order to determine what you
may be owed including where the accident occurred, who was at fault, the severity of your injuries, whether you will need time off work, and the types and amounts of insurance available.

Car Crashes

Property owners have a responsibility to
keep their premises safe!


Snow, ice, slippery substances, uneven
stairs and walkways, Code violations, improper drainage, and poor maintenance are dangerous conditions that often cause injury.

& Fall 

As consumers, we expect the products we buy to be safe.


However, defects in the design, manufacture, or safety warnings on products lead to countless injuries each year in the United States. Have you been harmed by a product? Bringing a claim for your injury tells the manufacturer and seller that things need to change.

Defective Products

Bars, restaurants, and other establishments have a duty not to over-serve their patrons. Drivers should call a cab if they’ve had too much. When intoxicated people get behind the wheel, the results can be catastrophic for their passengers and for others on the roadways. 

Drunk Driving
& Dram Shop

You pay your insurance premiums and when it’s time to make a claim, you deserve to be treated fairly. But that doesn’t always happen.


Insurers may unjustly deny your claim, make unfounded offers, or cause unreasonable delays in issuing payment. Enforce your rights and hold them accountable!

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

When you get into an Uber or Lyft, you expect to get from point A to point B safe and sound.


But rideshare drivers can be distracted, speeding, or unfamiliar with the area and cause a crash. Fortunately, the law requires these drivers to be covered with increased amounts of insurance for your protection.

Uber, Lyft, & Rideshare Crash

I love animals! But that doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous.


Dogs, cats, livestock, and other animals can get loose and bite, scratch, charge, and injure you or your loved ones.

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Cases We Handle

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